I am culinary trained 46 year old English chef, with a vast amount of experience. I am available for hire to cook in your home, yacht, holiday home, film location or pretty much anywhere… private chef who enjoys cooking in domestic service
My professional cookery CV began by working in high quality establishments from the start. I have added to my skill set by attending reputable catering college and taking cookery-related sabbaticals in various countries. Which has allowed me to travel to some wonderful parts of Europe, from places such as Berlin/Geneva/Haute-Savoie/Chamonix/London, gaining along the way new ideas and different types of cuisine.  
Born in a little fishing village called Emsworth on the South coast of England, this I suppose was the stepping stone for my interest in cooking with fresh seafood and cake making thus gaining my first experience learning from my grandmother as a little boy in the kitchen, after growing up I tend to notice I had an appetite for cooking, thus leading me to continue in my chosen path to become a Chef
I have had the great chance of training French students in the art of classic French cuisine, for a number of years, with the intention of honest hard work and respect for fresh local produced products.
lee young